Experience in vivid detail the real-life challenges of a young family man who became stricken in 1991 by a mysterious illness best known at the time as the 'Yuppie Flu'. A straight-commissioned salesman with no medical benefits and a wife and child to feed, Failure for him was never an option.

Witness first hand the day-to-day struggles he endured that included long bouts of depression, excruciating muscle pain and exhaustion that caused him to sleep 24 to 48 hours at a time.

Read about how, throughout his ordeal, he managed to maintain Hope and a Positive Attitude that in the end were the catalysts required in finding new ways to battle a disease that in the early 90's society alleged was no disease at all.

Rejoice with him when you discover he did eventually triumph over his illness and went on to accomplish something nearly everyone - at times even he - believed impossible!

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What Others Had To Say

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Chronic Depression are unquestionably a social and economic problem for today's generation. This book is personal and moving. It hits at the heart of how devastating diseases like these can be and is a must read for those afflicted seeking solutions...and Hope!"
- Honourable George Smitherman, Ontario, Minister of Health And Long-Term Care

"Every day millions of people struggle valiantly with the pain of CFIDS and Depression... the very real physical pain and the excruciating psychic pain of the soul. Paul gives both voice and face to their pain. More importantly, he gives expression to their courage, resilience, and valor. By his account of his own remarkable journey, he gives hope to the millions of others who are still on theirs."
- Karen Liberman, Executive Director, Mood Disorders Association of Ontario

Up Your Income: Solution Selling for Profitability is spiced with real-life anecdotes and step-by-step scripts, which illustrate key selling techniques

The "Shearstone Sales Model" is a time-proven roadmap for anyone who aspires to a successful sales career. In tune with the reality of today's changed selling environment, this evolutionary sales paradigm combines in-the-street front-line sales tactics and a fundamental understanding of human bahavior and psychological motivators.

Fortune 500 sales professionals throughout North America, from Hewlett-Packard, GE Capital, Microsoft Canada, Rogers, Lucent, Merisel and many others, have incorporated Paul's sales success secrets.

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What Others Had To Say

"Up Your Income: Solution Selling for Profitability is an indispensable "must-read" book that will remain valuable long after the pages have worn old with age."
- Danna Yuhas, President, Market Impact

"A must-read!... A modern day road map to successful selling using tried and true techniques adapted to today's environment. A great insight for those new to sales and a valuable tool for seasoned sales professionals."
- Peter Horan, President GE Capital VFS

"..Combines proven principles from the past with today's Value-Add challenge, validated in a unique Solution-Sell approach that ensure success... and profitability!"
- Patrick Lance, Vice-President Marketing, Lucent Technologies Canada

The Art of The Interview

Today more than ever, people find themselves in Transition. It is estimated most North Americans will experience a minimum of Three Career Changes and Six Job Variations in their working lifetime.

The Art of the Interview is a must read for those who are looking to better understand the Art and Science of the Job Interviewing Process - Regardless of the job or career you seek.

Fact: Often the most qualified are overlooked in favor of those who know how to make the best of an interview.

The Art of the Interview describes in simple terms:

The different types of questions a professional interviewer will ask.
'Why' and for 'What Purpose' questions are asked.
The Do's and Don'ts of a good resume'.
The importance of Differentiation.
How to Interview the Interviewer.
and so much more.

What Others Had To Say

"There is no prize for Second Place in the Job-Interviewing Challenge! A person who understands the fundamentals of a good interview is Better Prepared, Un-Afraid and more often than not - SUCCESSFUL!" - Paul Shearstone