Paul Shearstone’s Resilience Formula® evolved from his R3 strategy:

Recognize / Respond & Resolve

  • Recognize: One must first learn to identify and fully understand the universal signs of stress. Using proven ideas and concepts, Paul shows people and groups how to Recognize and identify the unique factors for their own personal stress.

  • Respond: In this phase, participants learn how to use, easy-to-understand tools and techniques designed to minimize the effects of stress and promote peak performance.

  • Resolve: The Resolve phase is unquestionably the most important of the Rs. The success of the R3 approach is realized only to the degree, one can incorporate this behavior-changing strategy into their long-term daily activities.

    For Sales People | For Leaders | Employees & General Audiences

    The Resilience Formula

    Strategic Tools for Peak Performance: For Sales People:

    Fact: Without Sales, there is no business!

    Sales professionals, unproductive and unfocused due to stress, inarguably have the biggest financial impact on any company. Reasons for this can be a lack of leadership, poor management, changes in corporate directions / strategies or protocols, unrealistic expectations [true or otherwise] … and the list goes on.

    Real or not, they are real to the degree salesreps believe - diminishing their ability to maintain under stressful conditions and stay focused on peak performance.

    A Four-Time National #1 Salesman in for a Fortune 500 Company, Paul Shearstone understands firsthand, the real-life challenges salesreps face both on and off the job and more importantly, he knows what to do to bounce back, get up and stay on top!

    The Resilience Formula
    Salesreps Outcomes:

  • Reduce worry and maintain a positive attitude
  • Position for peak performance.
  • Concentrate on personal goals, corporate expectations & accountabilities.
  • Minimize stress, stay resilient… be more successful!

    Bottom line: Companies enjoy a more productive sales force, improved sales, less absenteeism and more quotas reached. Salesreps learn to be a stronger team made up of happier, healthier people - with better skills for handling pressure and stress!

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    The Resilience Formula

    Strategic Tools for Peak Performance: For Leaders:

    Fact: Leaders are not immune to stress!

    Too often today, people are thrust into leadership roles without the benefit of strategic training necessary to ensure peak performance for them and their subordinates. Moreover, they lack the expertise required to minimize the negative effects of employee / management burnout that costs millions and billions in employee absenteeism and healthcare costs.

    The Resilience Formula
    Leaders Outcomes:

  • Communicate more effectively, reducing stress & negative energy created by the rumor mill.
  • Establish a culture that provides a clear roadmap for peak performance
  • Garner focused Concentration on corporate expectations & accountabilities.
  • Lead subordinates to stay positive, professional and successful!

    Leaders will learn how to implement proven and measurable stress strategies with their teams to improve performance and outcomes.

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    The Resilience Formula

    Strategic Tools for Peak Performance: For Employees & General Audiences:

    Fact: One in four people in North America currently suffer from some form of chronic stress and/or fatigue. (source: AMA)

    Many years ago, renowned psychologist, Dr Henry David Thoreau, said: "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation”. Would he be surprised at today’s near epidemic stranglehold stress has on this generation and its exponential financial costs to business and society?

    The Resilience Formula
    Employees & General Audiences, Outcomes:

  • Clarify the real causes for personal stress.
  • Implement a strategy for peak performance
  • Focus on personal / corporate goals & accountabilities.
  • Garner positive Behavioral Changes to stay happy, positive, and valued!

    Individuals who learn to be more focused / Resilient, automatically reposition there activities for improved performance and satisfaction through greater health and increased productivity [both on and off the job] - saving companies money.

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